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WingBug ADAHRS Device

WingBug ADAHRS Device


The WingBug is your first step towards a perfectly usable, flexible and feature-packed flight instrument package.

The WingBug is a personal, portable, and completely self-enclosed pitot static precision measuring device which gathers true ADAHRS (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System) flight information and transmits that wirelessly to your iPad.

Utilizing the WingBug app, the WingBug platform provides a traditional flight instrument “Six Pack” as well as AOA (Angle of Attack), Side Slip/Skid, and ADS-B In situational awareness in a digital display for pilots of all levels.

The WingBug hardware unit attaches externally to the aircraft using a custom aluminum  CNC’d ball mount and base.  This ‘head unit’ captures true flight data and transmits via WiFi to an iPad.  The WingBug app (downloaded free from the Apple App Store) generates your real-time interactive digital “glass cockpit” six pack display, additional Angle of Attack and Side Slip Awareness indicators, notepad, and flight data recording.

You can store custom profiles for up to 5 different aircraft and connect multiple iPads simultaneously to the unit if you so desire.

Includes WingBug device, Custom Carrying Case, Plastic ‘Action Camera’ Style Aircraft Mount, Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide, 1 Year Warranty Information, WingBug Keychain, and a WingBug Decal.

NOTE: Purchase of the WingBug now includes an upgraded aluminum CNC’d  ball mount and one (1) base of your choice for attachment to your aircraft.




  • Aerodynamics: Designed to be used at speeds up to 260 mph / 225 kt. Wind tunnel tests demonstrated 1.1 lbs / 500 grams of force against the device at this speed
  • Max Airspeed Indication: 260 mph/225.9 kts
  • Max Altitude Indication: 25,000 ft
  • Max VSI: +/- 2000 fpm
  • Max Bank Angle Indication: 180 degrees
  • Water Resistant – safe to use on a sea plane (they should be – the designer also designs and builds the Aventura II)
  • Shock Resistant
  • Rechargeable Battery with a 12 hour life
  • REAL Pitot Static air measuring system
  • MEMS Chip Technology (comparable to glass cockpit and commercial drone)
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Accelerometer
  • The device includes a custom case, charger, plastic action camera style mounting hardware, quick start guide, WingBug decal, WingBug keychain
  • Customer care and support available at no charge via email ( or call us at 1-833-WINGBUG (946-4284)
  • One (1) year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. At the conclusion of the initial 1 year warranty, an additional 2 year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty is available via an in app purchase.


Additional information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 7.6 × 6.4 cm


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