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Velocity V-Twin

Velocity V-Twin

From: $154,000.00

It is really important to understand that when you are ordering the V-Twin you are not just getting an extra engine, but you are also getting over $70 000 AUD worth of extras that are optional upgrades with the XL or SE singles.

Twin engine safety with a stall and spin-proof airframe is the ultimate in occupant safety.

Also, the Viking Aircraft Engine 195 HP Turbos are a proven match for the V-Twin.  The V-Twin is designed for single-engine performance on as little as 180 HP, so if you load a couple of Viking 195 Turbo engines with an In-Flight Adjustable propeller then you can be sure of smooth and reliable sea-level power all the way up to 17 000FT.  The adjustable propeller will always be optimized for your current flight speed.  I have been able to offer a bundled engine discount on the Viking engines as we can save on freight with this package.


Viking 195 HP Turbo Engine × 2

1.5 L, 4- Cylinder, Direct Injected, Turbocharged Honda Viking Engine.

Included accessories are the 40A alternator, throttle body , ECU, wire harness, gear box, torsion damper and starter. A complete running engine.

This base price INCLUDES:

  • the full engine, and accessories as described above,
  • access to the Viking Technical pages to download the latest Installation Guide and Video Guides,
  • all import, merchant, and foreign transaction fees,
  • surface freight to the Melbourne (freight from Swish Projects to you within Australia is not included), and
  • International Crating and Loading.

GST is not included in this price yet as that is calculated at the checkout stage.  The engine is available for pick up from Swish Projects in Melbourne or surface freight can be easily arranged.

The kit price changes a little every day as the exchange rate moves every day too.

Don't forget to select the Cabin Heater Option if you would like that, and there are also options now for in-flight adjustable or constant speed propeller systems.

Viking 195 Turbo Firewall Forward Kit to suit a Velocity V-Twin. Pusher prop with In Flight Adjustable Propeller × 2



The Velocity V-Twin was designed to provide a safe and efficient transportation aircraft especially for those who fly at night, over mountains, over large bodies of water, serious IFR and those who just want the redundancy of a second engine to get them home or to an airport in the event of an engine failure. One of the design goals was to provide a twin engine aircraft that does NOT have the “stall/spin” problems associated with most twin engine aircraft. Think of it this way: Should you lose one engine of a conventional twin during the most critical departure point when the airspeed is low and in a climb attitude, panic will set in and often the pilot will not initiate the essential elements of an engine out procedure. He now finds that it takes full rudder to keep the airplane from yawing, airspeed is decaying and a turn back to the runway can result in the lowered wing to stall. Not much different than most airplanes where you use full rudder and slow the airplane down to a stall resulting in a spin. Key decisions used in a twin are: “identify,” “verify,” and “secure.” Identify the engine that failed by using the dead foot, dead engine terminology, verify by retarding the throttle that represents the dead engine and then secure the dead engine by feathering the propeller and shutting off the fuel to that engine. Struggling all at the same time to maintain a safe flying speed and keeping the airplane from crashing into the trees or other obstacles on the departure path.

How is the V-Twin Different?

Here is what is different in our V-Twin. The canard design results in the canard stalling before the main wing can reach a critical stall angle. The nose will bob up and down but the wing continues to fly. The end result is that IF you can’t stall the main wing, you can’t spin. This gives the pilot time to identify, verify and secure even if his air speed decays to the point where the canard does the bob up and down thing. Our power to weight is higher than most conventional twins thus giving us a better rate of climb should an engine fail.

Also, it looks beautiful, the cabin is a nice place to be and there is a huge range of powerplant options.  Turbines, pistons – anything really.

Every model of Velocity has so many opportunities for mix and match that we will spend considerable time developing your custom aircraft package.


  • Fast Build Wings and Canard – INCLUDED
  • Fast Build Fuselage – INCLUDED
  • Retractable Gear – INCLUDED (can be deleted and save $12 000 USD)
  • Dual Side Stick Controls – INCLUDED
  • Center Throttle Quadrant – INCLUDED
  • Cleveland Heavy Duty Wheels and Brakes – INCLUDED
  • Dash-5 configuration option (go from a four seater to a five seater) – FREE INCLUSION if you prefer this option
    • Total Package Inclusions (over the XL or SE) – OVER $70 000 AUD


Additional information

Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 429 × 152 × 152 cm

Viking 195 HP Turbo Engine

Weight 118 kg

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