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SkyRunner Flying Bush Buggy

SkyRunner Flying Bush Buggy


This amazing machine will explode your idea of what is possible.

The SkyRunner is a revolutionary new toy and our little-boy brains race to visualise all of the cool things we can do; the places we can access and the amount of ground we can cover in hoonalistic style.  This is true, of course.  Your toy-hauler will be the envy of the Finke Desert Race crowd, fishing in remote parts of Northern Australia will be taken to a whole new level and a one-week hunting trip will cover  a load of new territory.

But SkyRunner is much more than just a toy – this is an entirely new capability.

Military planners know that the mere existence of this capability will tie adversaries in knots while they devise ways of detecting and stopping a vehicle that can be dropped from a C130, fly 200km into their territory, carry two saboteurs through their air fields at over 100kph – only to then fly away with a shot-to-hell flight line burning away in the rear view mirror.  Now they need to patrol an extra 100km outside every critical asset.  SkyRunner – just paid for itself, and it hasn’t even left the garage.

Search and Rescue agencies can now deploy two observers over thick bushland at 70kph to peer down through the canopy and conduct a thorough scan – there are no windows and no restrictions to downwards visibility.  Once the casualty has been located a safe landing can be conducted near by and the vehicle will travel over land to the effect the rescue.  A stretcher option is available where the casualty is loaded across the rear seat and can be extracted either by land or even by air.  Spinal casualties travel very well by air compared to a road trip.  The rear-seat occupant should wear good walking shoes, because they will hoof it home while the patient flies.

Farmers can carry a load of gear in the back and jump across rivers, mountains or any other obstacle in their path before landing and retaining all of the mobility afforded to their regular quadbike.  Pump repairs, weed spraying, mustering – getting to the letter box – will all be much faster with a SkyRunner and much, much cheaper than a chopper.  Have you found yourself flooded-in lately? How handy would it have been if you could launch a SkyRunner and fly a few hundred kilometers to access a few supplies to keep you going.

Adventure travel, Parks and Wildlife patrol, powerline survey – almost every week we discover a new application for this vehicle.

Or, you could just buy one to hoon around in – they do that too.

Learn more about the SkyRunner here.

SkyRunner introduction video



This price includes crating, freight to Swish Projects’ workshop in Melbourne and assembly of your SkyRunner.

Other options include addition of UHF radio, VHF radio and external lights.


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